Micro Tech Soft has more than 5 years successfully works with Western customers, and with the companies of the CIS Countries, released on the international market. We are working in this direction as a small business, and with large multinational corporations. Our range of services to promote businesses in the western segment of the Internet as wide as for Foreign Projects.

We can offer you a full range of solutions at any stage of development of your business from consulting to enter the foreign markets to solutions to improve the efficiency of existing businesses.

Consulting new Business

    • What is the competitive situation in my niche in the West? • How to Promote Your Business are my competitors? • What is the most effective exit strategy for the western market in my niche? • What tools of Internet Marketing and how much do I need? • How to make your website more attractive for western users with all the cultural and social differences? • What you need to consider the website to effectively sell?

Micro Tech Soft will help you answer these and other questions and to develop an effective exit strategy for Your Online Business to an international level!

Developing a list of activities to promote your project abroad, we take into account all the peculiarities and nuances of your business processes, priorities for the Development of Your Business Website, and especially making your Potential Overseas Customers decision to cooperate.

Promotion of Existing Business

Given the differences in cultural and social realities, we offer you a full range of services to bring a new level of your business in the West:

Our supported languages are English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and others.

Our Advantages:

  • Knowledge of Advanced Western Business realities and the competitive situation in the most competitive niches.
  • Knowledge of effective strategies and budgets to achieve the business objectives of clients in various market niches.
  • Prices below western companies.
  • Communication in the mother tongue for you.

We successfully promote the western market websites in the Software Development Industry, tourism, e-commerce, B2B, and other themes. The advantage of working with us in the fact that we are always there and we can quickly resolve any questions.

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Micro Tech Soft – The professional creation of websites, followed by complex promotion! Website development using modern technologies and standards of internet marketing

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