Media Advertising (Banner Ads) is one of the most effective and perhaps the most famous internet marketing tool that allows you to achieve goals such as increasing the popularity of the brand, increase website traffic, and hence the level of sales and, ultimately, profits for your company.

With the help of Media Advertising we can solve the following problems:

  • Increasing the recognition and popularity of the brand, website specific goods or services.
  • Attract potential buyers.
  • Inform the target audience about the offers, promotions, discounts.
  • Market launch of the new position.
  • Increase in attendance of the Internet resource.

It is important to understand the place of display advertising on the Internet now occupies among other promotional tools, how it fits seamlessly into today's marketing space, as relates to Search Engine Optimization, contextual advertising and promotion in Social Media?

The appearance of advertising product Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu - Contextual Advertising Media - made a small revolution in the market of Internet Marketing. It combines the main advantages of contextual and display advertising and organizes thematic banner display on the pages of online resources as well as on search results pages, focusing on the search query made.

Why this option is called contextual banner advertising? Because advertising only see people who are interested in the advertised product or brand, or representatives of those cities and regions indicate that the advertiser.

The main activities include media advertising graphics and flash-banners, and interactive formats: Extensions, located on the main content of the page, Rich Media (videos, opening over the website content), Pop-Under (ads, which opens in a new browser window), etc.

Typically, Media Advertisements are placed on known and visited resources:

So, what are the distinctive features of media banner advertising make it particularly effective:

  • Advertising focused on the target audience, banner display can be adjusted by category websites, regions, time and other parameters.
  • Advertising medium will be shown only to interested users, according to their search queries.
  • Cost of Media Advertising with the right approach allows to solve many problems, not spending so much money.

These qualities make display advertising as productive to bring to market new products in the first place, exclusive and expensive. Search Engine Optimization or PPC Advertisement is less effective because users do not know about these products, and therefore will not request them to search systems.

In addition, with the help of "Blogs2Blog" you can inform a wide audience about the new large-scale events (movies, concerts), topical promotions and special offers and renowned companies.

In the early days of Professional Internet Marketing, the banner advertising campaign conducted fairly haphazardly, respectively, their effectiveness could be questioned. Today for media projects developed reliable principles to ensure efficiency and high returns:

  • Media Planning: First of all, you should analyze the composition of the target audience and find the right resource pool, where there will be advertising. It is not necessary to advertise exclusive products on the student portal. It is important to develop a competent strategy: at what time and how often banners will be displayed on those or other resources, as well as what the target groups will be targeted.
  • Development of Promotional Materials: A Professional Approach: Rigorous study of all stages of the campaign - from generating ideas and creating basic layouts to test the technical implementation with the help of computer graphics and other technology.
  • Monitoring of the Advertising Campaign: A Prerequisite: A constant evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising, user behaviour, passing directly to the site, the availability response offline.

According to forecasts, media advertising has a huge, not yet fully realized the potential and will develop, enriched with new features.

Many years of experience Micro Tech Soft says that successful advertising campaign is not limited to a single tool, and is based on a balanced combination of different mechanisms. Effectiveness of media advertising increases significantly when it is used in conjunction with other promotional tools in an integrated campaign.

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