Micro Tech Soft provides Company Website with a constant quality support - this is usually a successful Internet business. The quality of support depends on:

  • • The Effectiveness of Search Engine Promotion: Websites that host constantly relevant and available information, more "respected" by the Search Engines.
  • • Customer Confidence: Imagine that you have gone to a web resource, where all the information is outdated by a year or two. there is no sense of abandonment?
  • • Company Image: Error when opening the pages, "move out" of the image and slow download resource adversely affects the appearance of the website - and the company to which it belongs.

It only a small part of what can be achieved with the support of the website. But the main advantage is that we are fully guide your web resource, from content to the technical work. You do not have to search for and add information, correct errors and hire professionals. This will Micro Tech Soft Marketing Group.

What is included in the website support from Micro Tech Soft Marketing Group?

Information Support

In information support of website is to search, writing and placing text content - that is, update information, Posting Latest News and Articles and bringing them into attractive, readable form (layout materials).

Support Website

Technical Support is a constant health monitoring resource and correction of errors arising from the solution of technical problems. This category includes:

  • Website Backup - and restore from a backup in case of emergencies.
  • Fix Software Bugs and source code of the website.
  • Protection from Attacks, viruses, overload and work on their prevention.

Benefits Support Website at a Glance

Do you want to understand the technical details and also, you want to see the confirmation of the reservation benefits support website? We can say with confidence that gives you support:

  1. 100% certainty of success
  2. 50% cost savings
  3. 200% time savings

Still have questions - or you want to take advantage of support websites? Then contact us by:
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