Micro Tech Soft offers its services in the field of outsourcing, support and development of Content Management System (CMS), allowing its customers to accelerate business processes, reduce the cost of content management systems and increase profitability.


The company Micro Tech Soft has considerable experience of projects of the highest complexity and integration of large-scale systems, designed more than 10,000 users. Solutions Micro Tech Soft are very flexible and can be implemented for companies both large and medium-sized businesses. Specialists Micro Tech Soft well aware that the development of the solution and its implementation - is only the first step before starting work on the customization and integration of control systems electronic content. A significant part of IT Systems and applications available to the modern enterprise cannot communicate without being integrated with each other. This leads to inefficiency of many divisions of the company when employees are forced to download and store the same data in different systems, which makes it impossible to quickly get the information and analytic, loss of time and waste. That's why Micro Tech Soft pays great attention to the problem of application integration with legacy electronic document IT infrastructure of the customer. The company Micro Tech Soft also helps customers to maintain and, where necessary - update existing applications, including those that are currently not supported by vendors, in the event that the operation of this application meets the requirements of the customer.


Micro Tech Soft offers companies system integrators services customization and integration of applications, as well as the creation of centers of excellence. Micro Tech Soft ready to provide as soon as possible team of highly qualified specialists who will be able to join the project at any stage.


  • IT Consulting
  • Application Development
  • Product introduction
  • Application re-engineering and migration
  • Support and maintenance of existing enterprise applications
  • Development of architectures, components, libraries

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Micro Tech Soft – The professional creation of websites, followed by complex promotion! Website development using modern technologies and standards of internet marketing

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