Contextual and display advertising, website promotion search engine and other promotional activities are the key function to get success and to attract a huge number of potential clients to your website. But the real clients, who place order from the website, this is only a fraction of those visitors, and a very small share. How can Micro Tech Soft fix this? How can you turn more visitors of your websites into customers?

Do you need a service "Increasing conversion"!

We called real conversion is the conversion of website visitors into buyers. Accordingly, the increase in conversion is to turn more website visitors into real clients, it's even better return on your website!

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Every business in the world has its own unique features. These features are must be advantageously used for an increasing number of new visitors who becomes clients. Similarly, each website we design and develop does have unique features. Therefore, with every website we work individually; especially we use the tactics that are very suitable in this particular situation, like architecture analysis, competitor analysis, presentation of information, usability, design, statistical analysis etc.

It all works within a range of services "Increasing Conversion". We attract the best talent for the company's comprehensive and inclusive work on the projects, each of which is responsible for its part of the job.

Micro Tech Soft is interested in a long and mutually valuable and beneficial cooperation with you, so we do every effort to maximize your success in a long-term basis and in order to increase sales from your website, which is of course a constant and continuous process. More than 1,000 customers are entrusted us to promote their websites on contextual advertising. Put your trust in Micro Tech Soft, and increase sales from your website! Complex "Increasing conversion" comprises the following services:

Usability of the website audit

Usability of website audit is an expert usability evaluation conducted by a team of specialists. Micro Tech Soft experts study your website; identify the most critical errors that stop/prevent the convenient use of your website visitors and customers. Thanks to the analysis of user behavior Google Analytic Tool, we are watching your users that allow you to detect the problems faced by users, and propose a set of actions to address the identified problems. At the output of the report is generated, which will be on condition that identified problems and the set of solutions to address these problems. After the website would be made all the recommendations, the return of the website will increase significantly.

Marketing audit website

The marketing audit of the website is the largest and most comprehensive efforts/work on the websites. First study is the subject website traffic statistics, which allows recoding/ redesigning /redevelopment the work on your website, conducted in the past and running now. This is required to study all the sources of traffic to the website to assess the effectiveness and excellence of traffic coming to the purchasing power of the audience. After learning, Micro Tech Soft offer you a set of references/recommendations on the quantitative and qualitative changes in traffic from each of the sources for increasing returns in the form of new customers. This includes guidance/advice on setting up and modification of the relevant contextual advertising and promotion in search engines. We carry out research of the website, its audience, and convenience of use, presentation of information and characteristics of the website. In the marketing audit included usability audit of the website as an integral part of it. Besides, we analyze the major websites of your competitors; keep track record of their ongoing hard work in the development of websites, contextual advertising and promotion in order to use the most active and effective moments for you and the non-repetition of mistakes made competitors. We are formed at the output a detailed report, which included comprehensive strategies to promote the client's websites on the Internet to get the most targeted traffic, which efficiently becomes a customer website.


Your sales staff is able to persuade or convince customers to order the goods and services it is best for your company? What? Did you said, yes? Excellent!

Texts on the website are your virtual sales managers. They, as well as people, well know how to sell your products and services. The texts tell all the essentials you need to know the visitor, potential clients will clarify all the competitive advantages will expose your product / service in the best light and unconditionally convince the visitor that you need to do action and make a purchase you’re your website! It is clear that the right to write texts is very important. This will transform the visitor into a customer of the company. Selling texts art of writing our professionals possess great! Marketing Copywriting, it's a best way to increase sales!

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