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Just so you can briefly describe internal optimization - on the very same, which we talked about on the page about the technology advancement. But you're not interested in a few sentences? Then we'll tell you more about that - as we have no secrets from customers.

What is the internal optimization of websites?

It represents a set of actions aimed at providing fast and high quality website promotion in search engines. Usually it is a continuation of the site analysis - since no analysis is difficult to understand what needs to be optimized.

Matter how well made internal optimization depends on:

  • Promotion Cost: If done correctly, the cost of promotion can be reduced several times.
  • Terms of Promotion. Properly optimized website goes to high positions much faster than the resource is not optimized in advance.
  • Quality Promotion: And, of course, on how well made the internal optimization depends on the period for which your life will remain on the first positions of search engines and whether he will need further support optimizers.

Internal Optimization is the basis of quality of website promotion - which is why it must necessarily be carried out before the external optimization.

That includes internal optimization?

It consists of a plurality of measures for improving resource. These include:

Why not move in search engines is harmful?

  1. Selection of a semantic core for the website - that is, a list of search queries that a visitor will come to your website. We produce a selection of search queries using automated services, and analyze how they are competitive, as effective and whether they should be included in the semantic kernel for promotion. Usually the result of selection and analysis is the choice of 30 to 200 words and phrases that will be used and the remaining stages of advancement.
  2. Selection of pages to promote: Choice and searches for the promotion of each of the pages. Optimize one page at 20-50 searches difficult, expensive and wrong: search engines can impose sanctions for it, and visitors will go to competitors. Therefore, for each page, participating in the promotion, the selection is made of several search queries, and under which it will be optimized.
  3. Development of the link structure of the website. That is, each page will be created or adjusted under certain search terms - and will not be the road to nowhere, and will continue the selection and sale.
  4. Optimize Pages for selected key requests or create new pages for the needs promotion. Once we have identified a number of search requests for pages, you need to optimize each of them. In this optimization include preparation of correct meta-descriptions (page titles), as well as writing content containing keywords.
  5. Analysis and correction. This - the final and very important part of internal optimization. After making changes, we analyze how our actions affect the site and how it promotes. And, if the need arises, we will amend or modify the desired parameters - to the internal optimization of the site was ideal.

This stage of website promotion is difficult and time consuming process that only by professionals. And I think you can see that we know what we are talking about and can make your site the most successful.

By the way, you have already decided and want to immediately discuss what will be the promotion of your website? Or you need more information - for example, External Optimization?

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