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In the current situation of the market it is easy to get lost surrounded by the massive number of competitors. Survive can only stand out on their background. One of the utmost effective tools for achieving this is to design and develop a corporate identity

Micro Tech Soft offers a complete range of services to design and develop your company’s corporate identity. You’ll get the services of design, creation and formation of corporate identity, which is included the development and formation of a logo design of your company, as well as the development of the unique design of corporate identity. At the same time, the cost of developing and creating a logo and corporate identity in our company will astonish you.

What is corporate identity, and why corporate identity is necessary for companies in quest to succeed in the market?

The term "corporate identity" (or "corporate identity") denotes the set of characteristic visual essentials elements that allow us to stand out from competition and recognize the brand. Design & Development of Corporate Identity involves the creation of a logo, a choice of color and font solutions that search for specific stylistic approaches, which will then be used to design promotional materials and more.

Why do I need to develop corporate identity?

Among the reasons for that are crucial for the decision to create a corporate identity are the following:

  • The company is attentive in the development of corporate identity (including, in the production of logos), and only comes out when the market tends to attract the attention of potential customers, and to join in the competition.
  • The company wants to fix all of the provisions that describe the corporate identity in order to avoid blur in the future. Why this is necessary because, for example, in cases where the designers will create mock-ups who did not participate in the development of corporate identity (logo).

In any case, the establishment of corporate identity and logo ensures memorability of partners and customers, increasing its competitiveness in the market.
We can offer both the development of the overall branding the organization and its individual elements, for instance, the development of a unique corporate identity and logo creation for the company website. Micro Tech Soft also offers the design of individual elements of corporate identity.

Prices for the design and creation of logo design and corporate identity of the company depends on the wishes of the client and the amount of work required. All of these conditions are approved in the contract for the development of a logo and corporate identity.

Development of corporate identity: the production of logo

The main elements of corporate identity are:

  • Logo design, description, and laid him in ideas ("Legend").
  • Different typeface logo and the rules for their use.
  • Color and font solutions in the design of the logo.
  • An indication of errors in the application of the logo.
  • Examples of layouts, where used corporate identity are email newsletters, letterhead, business cards and son on.


Any corporate identity starts with designing a logo (making logos meant by a work on the design of the logo, the idea that it expresses). In turn, to create the logo must understand the purposes for which the company must work style. Only after the goal will be understood and articulated, begins production logo.

All the stylistic elements that go into the design of logos will later be implemented in a corporate style. Therefore, competent logo design should take into account the colors, fonts, and a number of visual characteristics.
Creating a logo can include the development of several design layouts. Layouts are presented to the client and select the best option, which is brought to perfection. Conducted according to the principle logos produce a result, take into account the wishes of the customer and giving the maximum return to practice.

Design and creation of logo design and corporate identity of the company in general - is the basis of successful business development, corporate identity after becoming the "face" of the company, and the correct formation of corporate identity can yield substantial dividends.

If you need to create and corporate identity development in general or individual elements, such as making the logo, you've come the right place.

Our Experts knows very well how to create an effective corporate identity and develop a good company logo, as evidenced by our previous work and references from grateful clients.

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