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Any website can generate maximum profit with minimal effort. But not everyone knows that the efficiency depends on the marketing strategy and that is, how your website and product, service looks in the eyes of the customer. If you do not get the expected results, and the website does not work 100% of the profits, it's time to think and can have to change something? To understand the changes and make your business website attractive to the customer helps the marketing audit.

Analysis of the commercial attractiveness of your website

In fact, this is the marketing audit. It helps to identify the main problems and low sales, based on the analysis, develop recommendations for their correction. Audit procedure itself is a large range of activities, which includes:

  • Analysis of the behaviour of visitors - both in general and on specific pages.
  • Usability analysis - that is, functional, text content, website pages.
  • Path Analysis, client sells chain pages - that is, the page navigation that client visits since opening the site and to order.
  • Comparative Analysis of your Competitors / Challengers and your website - price and general policies convenience of the Web resource offers a unique.
  • Preparing endorsements for website optimization and marketing remedy the errors, omissions.

The result is a set of recommendations to improve the commercial attractiveness of the resource and information about basic errors that impede quality customer service.

Why your website needs a marketing audit?

Recently marketing audit was newfangled novelty for large companies - as the rest did not know anything about it. Now the situation has changed - customers become more demanding, and competitors come on the heels. To solve these problems - more effective customer acquisition and marketing audit is needed. However, in order to maximize the service was useful, you need to carefully choose the experts who will carry out the analysis. It is our company employs those who can make your website attractive and remove major marketing mistakes. Want your website to be 100% profitable? Then discuss with our specialist to begin marketing audit of your website.

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