Quality for Micro Tech Soft means the tasks the client within the planned schedule and budget, as well as the fulfillment of all contractual obligations.

The quality management system is one of the key elements of a unified system of management of the company and covers all major management processes, support and direct production of goods and provision of services, including marketing, design, development, manufacture, testing, implementation and support of software solutions and systems.

We are constantly improving the quality system based on the latest achievements and trends of international experience in the field of quality management, proven effectiveness and efficiency in our field of business. Our approach to business process management allows to obtain objective information about their effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement.

Technology management and implementation of projects used in the Micro Tech Soft, based on models and methodologies such as CMMI, OPM3, RUP and SCRUM, which ensures the highest quality of our products and services.

Methodology used by us allows flexible adjustment of production processes and interactions based on the needs of the customer and provides an individual approach to each client regardless of the size of the project and organization.


The company's policy in the field of quality is aimed at building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with customers and partners to improve the satisfaction of all stakeholders: customers, employees, owners and society.

The main ways of achieving these goals are:

  • Application process and system approach to the management of the company to achieve high quality products and services
  • Regular analysis and continuous improvement of key business processes
  • The most accurate identification of the needs and expectations of customers and their implementation with the required quality and at minimum cost
  • Improvement of work with clients based on their satisfaction with products and services of the company
  • Creating favorable conditions for the accumulation and exchange of knowledge and experience within the company, as well as to improve the professional level of employees.

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