Expand their capabilities and range of customers!

Micro Tech Soft offer you a great way to save money on promotion and get a lot of targeted visitors, not limiting themselves to high budgets and long times. We know how to do it, because the ability to generate revenue and help customers make a simple promotion - our main goal.

That is why we recommend that you try to promote a website in the regions and to get better results for less money and time.

Than regional promotion differs from the usual - and what is it?

Regional Promotion: This promotion website for searches tied to certain regions of the country. That is, the promotion is made not at the request of "to buy furniture", but in a more narrowly targeted request "to buy furniture in New York", for example. The main difference between this type of promotion is, greater efficiency and the influx of targeted visitors as:

  • You will have less competition. Most companies focused on promotion USA, Canada, U.K or Australia - while you offer your services to the residents of a given region.
  • Promotion cost will be lower. Promotion Cost usually depends on the cost of purchasing options and excretion website to the top. Since the competitors you will have less promotion cost is also reduced.
  • Terms of promotion - less. Usually at promoting regional SEO Terms to advance the position is much less due to fewer competitors and more simple algorithms of search engines.
  • You'll get targeted visitors, not the curious from all over the country.

As you can see, the regional promotion is highly effective. Also it is suitable for most companies and internet representations. Want to know why?

Expand their capabilities and range of customers!

We believe that it is worth. Regional promotion is ideal for you if:

  1. You are in a certain region of USA and only wish to cooperate with customers from selected area.
  2. Your business has no territorial attachment (such as the case with e-shops) and you want to broaden their customer.
  3. Your company has branches or representative offices in other regions.

That is, regional promotion helps boost sales or customer response in almost any company. But of course, this way of promotion should also be made according to the rules and certain scheme.

Stages of Regional Promotion

  1. We analyze your competitors, their websites on the selected region and choose the suitable promotion strategy.
  2. Next, make up for your website semantic core, oriented to a specific region of the country. For example, consisting of search queries such as "buy furniture in New York."
  3. If necessary, make changes on regional data of your website in search engine tools.
  4. Then, after agreeing to promote the search queries, we conduct internal optimization. i.e, optimizing a website under the resulting semantic core: its pages, the Meta Description and Texts.
  5. After internal optimization proceed to foreign - choose donor sites and provide links to selected resources.
  6. After some time, analyze the result - the position of your site in the search results and the influx of visitors.
  7. If necessary, make changes and corrections.

Made such website promotion is simple, quick and effective? Then do not hesitate - it is better to contact us and make a regional promotion.

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