Search Engine Optimization (SEO, Search Engine Optimization) - a complex of works on improving the visibility of a website in search engines or, more simply, to improve its position on certain queries.

Search Engine Optimization was born with the appearance of a popular search engine Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu and developed the process of improving their algorithms. This development has a stable trend from black SEO-Spam methods to organic optimization pleasant for both users and search engines.

We use a comprehensive approach to search engine optimization, so the websites that we work with, not just appear on the top positions in selected requests, but their owners are a constant source of customers.

We know how to optimize your website!

During the past 5 years we provide services for promotion and optimization in search engines Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu. During this time we have gained experience, successfully applied in projects of varying difficulty. We know that the owners offer a small website, a project or a major news online store. In addition, we always welcome new non-standard projects requiring an individual approach and original solutions in SEO. If you decide to order search engine optimization, but you are interested in, that includes this service, below you can find a brief overview.

Site Optimization Order: 7 Main Steps

  1. Selection queries to promote (the semantic core)
    In all areas of business, on the site, or on the specified priority areas of the millions of queries entered by users of search engines, we select only those that lead to your website potential customers
    To achieve this, the selection of queries, we consider the following factors:
    • The contents of the website.
    • The specifics of your business.
    • Age and other indicators of the website;
    • Advertising budget
    • Value ratio promotion request to the number of attracted visitors.
  2. Choosing Landing Pages for Promotion
    Selected questions we combine into logical groups, each of which select existing or create new pages on your website. Distribution requests must be agreed with the owner of the website, after which our specialists are ready to write technical specifications for SEO Optimization.
  3. Optimize Pages for Search Queries
    Based on an analysis of your competitors and using its own work of our company, we make a plan to optimize each page for the selected promoted to her query group. This plan includes: - the contents of Meta Tags - job optimized text - recommendations for using the page content. Optimized thus maximize the page will reveal the essence of the promoted product or service that will surely appeal to both your visitors and search engines. For the rest of your website, we will also prepare recommendations for optimization, only less detailed. Therefore, the growth needs and positions, respectively, and attendance will be observed on website pages.
  4. Technical Audit
    We have developed a special system that scans the website for various errors that prevent its normal operation and indexing. On the basis of the report of this system we will offer you a number of changes that will help to fix every single error in the site and make it even better search engine optimization.
  5. Improving the Quality of the Website User (usability)
    Our expert looks at your website, identifying features, users are able to repel or prevent the viewing of contents. At this stage, we will check: - the quality of the display in different browsers (cross-browser) - performance baskets and various forms of feedback - the ease of navigation - readability of information and much more. According to the results of this analysis, we give some tips that help you resolve the most common mistakes, but in any case not a substitute for professional usability audit.
  6. Drafting and Implementation
    All of the above recommendations are made in the form of reference (TOR) for website optimization, which can be realized only after the approval of the client. No change will not be made without your consent. You cannot worry about the performance of your website, as all work is carried our in-house webmasters with extensive experience. As mandatory, we regularly create backups of the website (backups) in case of failure and data loss. If for some reason access to the website cannot be granted to our experts.
  7. Checking and Correcting the Optimization
    Optimizers have to constantly monitor and improve internal website optimization due to the following factors: - changes in search engine algorithms - a constant gain competition for top-changes to the website without the consent of the optimizer. For this purpose, we have established internal automated services that help optimizers timely detect and correct errors SEO, as well as to identify and analyze the main your competitors from top search engines. If you carefully read the above written, you probably realized that optimizing a website for search engines - a process that requires high level of professionalism and expertise with which to fully possess our specialists.

For information about the terms of the contract, as well as answer any questions related to the optimization and promotion of websites in Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu, call (+92) 334-7091-080 or send a request for website promotion at

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