Find out now how you can increase awareness of your potential audience by 80%! All that is required, just call and ask a question. And you get free expert advice. There exists an unspoken statistic that 80% of the success of a website on the Internet depends on its informative parts.

That is the content. WAN users visit websites one, and only for one reason:

  1. They wish to get answers to their questions.

Success always seeking someone who is able to provide detailed answers to them. The more answers the more likely to earn the loyalty of visitors. Providing correct answers can turn visitors into customers. A loyal customer, in turn, can lead to 5 new customers. Ask yourself if you want to have customers come to yourself? Today the Internet has been a lack of quality content. Writing texts on the market for websites forgotten the most important point: the article should be prepared for people. Practice shows that professional content administration significantly increases traffic to the website, as well as the effectiveness of such visits. Therefore, rule number 1 - strategic content should rely solely on the visitor. That is, the quality material shall be prepared to meet the information needs of any website visitors.

How to identify such information needs?

Specially trained and trained analysts are studying the demand for information on the respective services. They take part in lively discussions on the thematic forums, groups and social networking websites to other resources where there is a concentration of mass potential target audience. Notice important no ordinary visitor. Need to be guided solely by the title, interested user, who is able to turn into a customer. Based on such analytical research work formed the so-called "tree of information needs" of the potential target audience. And, if approached with maximum efficiency for these events, often advisable to split the audience into groups. Symptoms can be set. Ranging from sex and age category, finishing income and willingness to spend money. This is always formed the core of the key needs of the audience - a list of factors that attract the attention of each group. After such intelligence information compiled a clear and detailed plan on the basis of which should be built strategic website content. Group professional copywriters prepares thematic content, focusing on said core information needs. Further preparing information part, which can each individual interest group targeted visitors. Thus there is coverage of the entire interests of the potential audience. If you trust the content administration skilled in this area, you will receive:

  • A well-defined plan of action for the possibility to monitor progress at each stage. Moreover, each step will be agreed with you personally.
  • Traffic to your website will grow rapidly. After a while, you already will recommend your same visitors. Accordingly, the cost of attracting a customer becomes lower than the standard methods. And that means less cost - more profit.
  • Your website will provide a stable channel to attract new customers. As practice shows in recent years, the company is actively developing online direction substantially increase its economic performance.

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