What you need to promote your website and brand makes a profit? At least potential customers and partners to easily find it on search engines - and thus information from your site to be indexed correctly and promptly and loaded into a searchable database.

Available if your web content search bots? Whether it corresponds to their requirements? Whether hosting reliable, easy navigation whether the internal project? Optimal to the imposition of targeted queries on the structure of your website? Properly used whether JavaScript and Flash-technology, whether correctly formed URL-dynamic URLs? There are no issues with encoding and dates in http-headers? All these seemingly purely technical issues directly related to the quality of search engine promotion project.

You to be sure that your website works on all hundred, fully meets the requirements of search engines and well promoted on the Internet, Micro Tech Soft offer services in the technical analysis of the website.

Analysis Result:

Professional Technical Audit of Your Website will help you build a quality portal, bringing the company's profits.

When creating the website, we will give you advice on how to structure, content, software and graphic part. At the stage of advancement of the project we will help you to obtain reliable information about the incoming traffic and audience to identify possible errors in construction website and optimize the navigation and presentation of content.

Our recommendations will allow you to maximize the effectiveness of the project and reduce the cost of its operation.

Analysis Stages:

Technical Analysis of Your Internet Project will consist of three main phases:

SEO Website Analysis will identify possible errors in promoting the website. Our experts will study the status of the project will determine the quality and reliability of its hosting and software implementation. We will analyze the list of keywords for website promotion and check the correctness of the logic of imposing requests for landing pages project.

Besides search website, audit is important for those projects that have never engaged the search promotion and search history of website was built in a natural way. For such projects, the search website analysis is usually carried out before the start of search engine promotion.

Index of Analysis Website will help detect problems with the volume, depth and speed of website indexing by search engines. We carefully check the quality of the project layout, correct use of technology JavaScript and Flash, the correctness of the dynamic URL-address of the pages, the logic of constructing a website map.

Our staff will review all aspects of the project status, important for its indexing - and develop recommendations to optimize the structure and content of the website. So you can rebuild your website targeted traffic without loss, we will offer you other than SEO Website Analysis, professional consulting organization works.

Building Logic Internal Navigation will solve two key tasks of the technical audit:

  • Provide convenience of inland navigation project.
  • Increase Targeted Traffic Project through internal link popularity.

Optimizing Internal Website Navigation, you can significantly expand its target audience, increase the number of pages viewed and to the growing number of patrons.

We analyze the performance of your project and develop recommendations based on years of practical experience in the creation and promotion of websites. We are confident that the quality and professional Technical and SEO Audit will allow your project to take its rightful place in the World Wide Web.

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