Training Center Micro Tech Soft is a modern high-tech training Center that provides authorized training and certification of international standard for self-efficient work of specialists in the field of making Oracle, Microsoft and SAP to automate business processes.

Learning Center Micro Tech Soft is able to provide specialists customers and project teams, implementing business applications implementation, a complete package of knowledge on products Oracle, Microsoft and SAP - from the sale of licenses, implementation and follow-up technical support authorized training.

At the Training Center also provides test Center Parametric, which gives IT Professionals the opportunity to be tested for knowledge of software products 75 leading developers. According to the results of testing professionals get registered international certificates.

The benefits of learning:

  • In the framework of the courses can be organized as corporate and individual training. Formation of the course "to suit" allows the company to form a cohesive team of professionals is fully prepared for the implementation of the project. In addition, it gives the opportunity to carry out intensive training of the client company in the shortest possible time, to maintain their skills at a high level, to organize special testing at various stages of training, as well as to choose the most convenient time of learning.
  • All courses Training Center localized and adapted for the global market.
  • Training is provided under license training materials and techniques corporations Oracle, SAP and Microsoft, which tightly control the quality of courses, which is a guarantee of professional training of students.
  • All of students who successfully completed training and passed the final examinations receive a certificate of a single international standard, high demand by employers anywhere in the world.

Suitable for:

  • CEO's of leading specialists of IT Departments, as well as employees of companies in various fields of activity, which are software products Oracle, SAP and Microsoft in their daily work or are planning to implementation.

Why do companies choose to study Micro Tech Soft?

  • To date, the legal right to teach and issue a certificate of Oracle single world standard in Pakistan on the whole range of Oracle products has only two companies, one of which - Training Center Micro Tech Soft.
  • Teachers Training Center - high-level professionals who have been trained and certified in the companies Oracle, SAP and Microsoft. The presence of specialists from the Center of little practical experience implementing Oracle products in complex knowledge-intensive industries (petroleum, telecommunications, banking, insurance, etc.) provide the required level of quality of teaching and general corporate training programs.
  • At the request of students of the classes may be conducted on the real data of the customer.
  • Training Center constantly interacts with the design departments of the company Micro Tech Soft that implement these solutions in practice.
  • During the course, students receive training kits, as well as illustrative and reference information.

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