One of the important parts of website promotion is usability - or rather, its effectiveness. It depends on him, how progress will be successful as it will spend the money, and most importantly - whether the visitor will remain on the website and converted into a buyer?

Therefore, we want to tell you about the website's usability - what is it that it includes and what measures we take to optimize it and improve the conversion rate of your website.

Usability - What is it?

Different usability can be called convenience - but specific. Essentially consists of a usability test results, how's convenient for visitors and search engine spiders as they navigate through the website, as will be the entire process of selling or promoting.

The expression "poor usability" means that the visitor uncomfortable on the website - for example, the website structure is very complicated or confusing menu pages, poor design or incorrect page titles. This error list is endless.

Usability affects not only the conversion but also the quality of the promotion. First, the search engine spiders to navigate through pages (and index) them in the same way as humans. Secondly, search algorithms analyze user behavior on the page and make a conclusion about the usefulness and usability of the website.

Errors in usability can destroy entire range of activities to promote - and that is why we pay so much attention to him. And, if necessary, correct the mistakes made by the creators of the website or previous companies promoting.

What kind of work we do to improve usability

To improve the website typically operates a team of specialists, including optimizer, designer, specialist software part of the website, layout. They consider how convenient navigation, different functional parts of the website (e.g, inverse form of communication, a basket to order goods), useful for the visitor whether content and more.

To optimize usability we conduct a range of operations. Usually it consists of several stages:

  1. We analyze the behavior of visitors and search engine spiders, as well as compliance with standards resource amenities. Made this in several steps: first, the web address of the resource and its indicators are introduced into our analytical system, after which experts consider the results of the evaluation for a complete picture. After - visual analysis and website code. Analysis provides an opportunity to identify problems - and proceed to step to address them.
  2. Develop solutions to address the problems found. For example, it may be a change in the menu code in the sidebar, or optimization of the pages, the link structure. Or partial redesign of the website.
  3. Selected test and embedded solutions, assessing customer behavior and web crawlers, the percentage of conversion, and then, if necessary, make adjustments or additions.

As you can see, we can correct any errors, achieve excellent results and promotion to increase the conversion. And in order to use these services, you can contact us and Book Promotion.

Usability Analysis

To the website visitor makes a purchase, a customer or partner, it is not enough just to offer the right product and attractive conditions of cooperation. Visitors to the website should be easy - that is, technically speaking, indicators usability should be on top.

Poorly or navigation menu, illogical flow of information is too small, does not fall within the field of view of the control buttons or broken links - all these "little things" is quite capable of damaging the company's image. Poorly organized catalog, complex issues overloaded order form, absence of the usual payment methods - all this may discourage visitors willing to buy.

Our experience shows that only because of the problems of usability can lose up to 50% of potential customers. Usability Analysis of the Website to prevent these losses.

In everyday life we are used to evaluate the performance intuitive usability, to the eye, but in professional practice website usability analysis - is an exact science. To determine how comfortable users on your website need to measure the depth of this website, conversion, failure measures, tracing the sequence of events. To make recommendations to address the identified problems, you need to understand the psychology of the user to know the principles of ergonomics and to master the tools of designing and creating websites.

Our experts successfully solve the most complex problems of usability. We are ready to help you make your website an effective tool for communicating with the target audience.

For example, after the introduction of the results obtained during the usability analysis, an online store can significantly increase conversion by reducing the loss of customers that have fell off at the checkout stage or search is not very convenient directory. Expand your sales funnel by simplifying the order form - it is one of the key tasks for the usability of online shops.

Analysis Results:

The main result of the analysis of the usability of the website is to increase customer loyalty, strengthen the image of the company's sales growth and without additional advertising costs. Usability analysis allows you to turn your website into a pleasant, comfortable and easy to use tool for interaction with the target audience, and thus promotes your brand online.

Optimizing customer interaction, you avoid the additional costs - for example, the cost of maintaining a call center. Finally, you get a great return on all of your marketing activities and, therefore, more efficient use of advertising budget.

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