Internet provides a great opportunity to get build and develop the business. Compulsory condition of those opportunities is the availability of your website, as well-made web-resource can become an effective tool of your company.

  • Since 2008 we’ve been working in the field of website design and corporate identity.
  • Brought to life more than 35 projects in the field of website design and development.
  • Provides website development of "turnkey" for 11 working days.
  • Provides warranty support for 1 year.
  • Each ordered the development of the website gives 1 year free hosting.

Our advantages

  1. Warranty support for 1 year after the creation of the website.
  2. Development of websites to meet the requirements of search engine optimization market.
  3. Small Websites ready to go live within 15 working days.
  4. Development of high-class websites with a maximum conversion of visitors into sales on the basis of statistics of Micro Tech Soft.
  5. Providing free hosting for 6 months customers to create a website.
  6. Available to the clients of all the raw materials create a site for future use.

A website that works like it, in our opinion is the perfect formula for a website, and we will gladly take up the creation of a site on this formula. Micro Tech Soft, which is the web designing and development company, will do everything possible to ensure that the website is like you and your customers and clients, and has functioned for you. Therefore, when creating a website we consider even the smallest nuances.

In the life of most companies there comes a stage when they are wondering where and how you can create your own website on the Internet. A huge number of offers for the creation and maintenance of corporate websites on the Internet has led many into misconception. How is the control of the cost of creating internet website most of the companies is difficult to control, therefore, not clear what prices for the creation of websites to order are real, and how much is a turnkey website. Micro Tech Soft also offers commercially reasonable prices for the establishment and development of a website. Calculating the cost of website creation by our company is based on the objectives and scope of the work required, which will then be written into the contract to build the website.

We will take to create the most complex dynamic interactive corporate websites. And how to create a good Graphical (flash) Website we also know firsthand. How much does the creation of a website, you can learn in our consulting company. The tactics while creating Graphical (flash) website requires the expertise little different profile than creating a high-tech interactive commercial corporate sites, and therefore the price for it to create a website, this may be somewhat different.

Many companies have long trusted by creating your website to us. They know that they can always turn to us when they need to inexpensively build a website from scratch or optimize an already active website.

Our offer is to create a website include the creation, design, deployment and support of exclusive professional websites. Micro Tech Soft can offer turnkey construction of large commercial corporate Internet websites, business cards and website, website online store, create flash (flash) website. When creating e-commerce websites, we use the way to the creation of professional interactive corporate websites that can satisfy all the needs of your business.
By signing a contract with our company to create a website, you will get a guarantee results. After all, no matter what website creation you need a dynamic, interactive, corporate website, the website in PHP, a commercial website online store; we know how to create such a website.

Development of the website in accordance with any client's wishes, when creating the website, we do not compromise, achieving the desired objectives without footnotes and comments. Create a website for us, the art, using the most modern tools.

If you're still not sure whether to order the creation of the Internet website we have - take a look at our portfolio. Work and customer reviews point out the best prospects of cooperation with our company on site. Geography of companies that have decided to build a website from us, are covering many regions of United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and all around the world.

We can create a website from scratch or improve an existing website on the Internet. Fast, professional website development at the key - it is not fiction, but a reality of Micro Tech Soft.

The steps in creating a website to order include both technical website creation and possible subsequent creation of content website that will help promote the website.

We are already appreciated by many companies (see portfolio for website development), we entered the TOP-20 best website designing and development companies in 2009 (participated in the contest web designing and development). Our quality work and fair prices are the evidence of our websites, as the principal terms of their success. Micro Tech Soft selected to create a website business of his life, and it is impossible to be indifferent.

The components of an ideal website: modern web design, functionality, efficiency

About concepts such as website designing we know everything. This is our element. We guarantee high quality work on several fronts:

  1. Stylish, unique and original design of the website.
  2. Creating websites for different target audiences: corporate, news, online shopping, etc.
  3. Web development, the most convenient from a functional point of view.
  4. Website development, fully ready to advance in the network.
  5. Development of cost-effective websites that generate revenue.

When creating the website, we always take into account the tasks that he has to perform. If a customer orders the creation of a website to deliver clear marketing objectives, we develop all the components accordingly. If the creation of a website intended branding objectives, the focus has shifted in the appropriate direction.

Site development. Process. Technology

Website Development Company in Micro Tech Soft begins with the selection of a platform for the project. The corresponding engine is being finalized in accordance with the objectives of the client. Professional web design implies that there is sufficient functional - no deficiencies and excesses.

Website Development – Process – Design

Designed in the process of creating a website plays one of the first violins. Dissemble on this point is jeopardizing the success of the event - because a bad design can send derail all the efforts made by the team to build the website. We prefer the sleek and efficient design that clearly says, professionals engaged in the creation of a website.

Website Development – Process "Thingies"

Moderns hard to imagine without some highlights, this is not just a fad responsible for the creation of the website team. This is an opportunity to attract additional interest in the project by offering visitors a simple but unique service, or providing a ridiculous response to certain user actions. Developers Micro Tech Soft always remembers it, and when a website necessarily involves these "chips".

Our proposals include:

  • A website "turnkey": Corporate websites, business cards, online shopping.
  • Website Design: The creation of website design from scratch redesign of the website.
  • Development: Website portal, social networking, unique web-design.

And also:

  • Corporate Identity.
  • Promotion, advertising on the network.
  • Technical Support and Hosting.

The result will always be the way it sees the client. We provide web design in accordance with professional requirements and desires of the customer. Our web design studio is suitable for any project with responsibility, which we call "critical." Solution to every problem lies with a team of professionals - from a personal manager to technician, specializing in the creation of the website.

Development of the websites of any complexity for any purpose

How to build a website and get profit from it? Our web design studio websites offer different solutions to create a representation of your company's network - from a small website and internal corporate portal to the social networking site. It all depends on the specific task to create a website that gets a design studio, and the price you are willing to pay for the creation of the website. That is, sometimes the creation of a web website is only required for minimal representational purposes. Then there is the possibility of creating a business card website or a small flash (flash) website. In such a case, the cost of creating the website, of course, will be minimal. We value each project and provide professional website creation, regardless of the price of this website. You do not have to worry more about how and where to create your own website on the Internet - trust creation of the web site specialists Micro Tech Soft.

Before starting work, necessarily conducted research you’re working area of the market, monitoring of competitive resources, economic evaluation. Creating a website is much more effective if the process takes into account all the factors that have an impact on the result.

Immediately site development includes such works as: the creation of technical specifications, design layouts website design, development of the grid, the creation of a complete prototype site with active links, the development of a content management system.

In addition, our web design studio offers: Writing and creating unique content, photography for website design (including panoramic photo), the installation of the system, leading to detailed statistics of visitor behavior on the site. Thus, to create a site you can turn to a single company, avoiding working with the mass of third-party contractors.

Also in the package of services to build the website include: training to work with the management system; free warranty support for 1 year after the creation of the website.

Referring to the studio Micro Tech Soft, you will receive a comprehensive answer to the question "How to build a website?"

Web sites design studies Micro Tech Soft

Website Design Studio “Micro Tech Soft” will take on the creation of website design from scratch or will redesign the current website. The service we provide both separately and in combination with other services (a website "turn-key").

You can choose any style, and require us to several variants. Our web design studio is ready to work on your project as long as you're ready to say, "This is what we wanted." Because the creation of websites - what we live every day.

Once the creation of website design is completed, we will provide you with all the raw materials for further use.

Corporate identity, hosting, technical support

Our studio provides web design services to create a corporate identity, printing products, hosting services, providing technical support to customers.

Separately, we want to draw attention to the service of creating corporate identity. Corporate Identity provides the company with the memorability of customers and partners, as one of the competitive advantages in the market. If your company does not have corporate identity (logo, colors, etc.); studio Micro Tech Soft will help you in creating it.

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