Doubt that the promotion of websites can be effective? We do not condemn you - you, as well as any customer has the right to question and seek warranty. That's why we want to tell you what warranty promotion we provide and that can cause exceptions to these rules.

Warranty on the conclusion of search queries on the first positions in the search engines

When concluding an agreement on the promotion we give a guarantee to withdraw a specific list of key phrases on the first positions in the search engines. We will not lie to you and say that the promotion is available on 100% satisfaction guarantee - but according to our statistics, the effectiveness of this type of promotion is 87%. The reason is simple: search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and we may have to spend more time, effort and resources on the promotion of your website.

But if (suddenly) your resource still included in the 13%, while search engines have significantly changed their algorithms, Micro Tech Soft guarantee that your website will not be affected (for 5 years, none of the websites did not get promoted in search engines ban) as it is we have agreed to guarantee promotion "white" methods.

Warranty promote "white", permitted methods

This is the most important guarantee at promotion. Micro Tech Soft guarantee that your website promotion will only be "white", permitted methods of search engines. This means that after our action web resource will not be excluded from the search engines index, the domain will not be banned from the website, post links and will post content quality and very positive impact on the promotion of further promotion of the domain.

As you can see, we give you virtually guarantee for each case of promotion. But, I guarantee there are exceptions - especially in such a complex field as a promotion. Therefore, it is advisable to familiarize you with the conditions that we cannot guarantee.

What we cannot guarantee?

Store the result in the event of termination of service
That is, maintaining positions or influx of visitors in the event of termination of the contract for promotion. As website promotion means continued support resource monitoring its positions and purchase options, optimization (you remember that competitors come on the heels?), we cannot guarantee that your life will forever remain in the top after the termination of cooperation. Saving results in the case treatment to another specialist as you know, all the ways of promotion SEO resources. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the results of our work will remain, if you go to another specialist. Rapid Promotion for a Few Weeks and, most importantly, we do not warrant the conclusion of the resource to the first position in a few weeks. Of course, Micro Tech Soft cannot rule out that this could be (provided that the website is ideally suited for rapid progress), but particular sites and indexing algorithms of search engines do not provide such quick results. We guarantee quality work and excellent know especially the promotion of sites and opportunities for their effective development. And now, after you are familiar with our guarantees, let's discuss what you need website promotion.

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